Sessions for Every Family Moment


One of the most important parts of capturing your family or big event moments, for me, is your comfort. I'm going to chat and joke and laugh and work to make sure that everyone involved feels comfortable and beautiful. I absolutely adore kids [I have 3 of my own!] and one of my big goals for each family session is that your littles leave feeling like they had fun and taking family photos isn't so bad. Things might get a little silly, but I promise I'll do everything to draw out those sweet little smiles.




FUlL sESSION: $300

· Up to 1 hour

· Travel radius within 35 miles of La Crosse

· Full digital gallery

· Print release included


· Up to 35 minutes

· Travel radius within 20 miles of La Crosse

· Select 20 images (minimum 35 images in proofing gallery)

· Print release included


· Up to 20 minutes

· Select La Crosse locations and date availability

· Select 10 images (15-20 images in proofing gallery)

· Print release included


  • Themed bulk mini sessions are priced and scheduled separately
  • Extended family sessions and high school senior sessions are priced differently; these are for singular families, couples, engagements, child milestones, etc.

How does a family session typically run?

There are several important images we are hoping to capture during a family session, and as we know, kids can sometimes be super cooperative, and sometimes they just need a break. My sessions tend to be a mix of posed portraits and more candid interaction shots, but one thing that is ultra important to me, is to get that "hang on the wall / give to grandma" shot. That's the photo of the whole family together, smiling and looking at the camera. We'll do more fun, wiggly, movement captures, too, but I want to make sure you get that ultra important family photo first and foremost. 

Typically, we will start a session with a family pose. Don't worry... I'll tell you exactly what to do throughout the entire process! This first pose is sometimes just a warm up. Sometimes it's the best family portrait of the session before kids have had enough, and sometimes they haven't warmed up to me just yet, but it's usually a great place to start. From there we really let the kiddos guide us based on how they're opening up and reacting to prompts. We'll work through a variety of poses and prompts and have some fun along the way.

What images are captured during a typical family photo session?

  • Full family pose/prompt (2-5 poses, including stationary and movement)
  • Siblings together without parents
  • 1-3 poses
  • Individual kids
  • Just parents
  • Each parent with all the kids
  • Each parent with each individual kid (Bonus, depending on cooperation / time)

The range of poses will depend on the amount of time in the session, the space used, and, of course, kiddo cooperation level.



· Up to 3 hours

· Up to 4 locations

· Unlimited outfits

· Full digital gallery (minimum 50 images)

· Print release included


· Up to 2 hours

· Up to 3 locations

· 2-4 outfits

· Full digital gallery (minimum 35 images)

· Print release included


· Up to 1 hour

· Up to 2 nearby locations

· 1-3 outfits

· Select 20 images

(minimum 35 images in proofing gallery)

· Print release included


A la carte OPTIONS:

  • $100 Base Session Fee (Print release included for final image selection)
  • Includes: Up to 1 hour, 1 drive to location, up to 3 outfits, watermarked digital proofing gallery of 35 edited images (No digital keepers included)
  • Session Upgrades: 1 - Additional 30 minutes +$30, 2 - Additional nearby location (with 30 minuted shooting time) +$50
  • Both upgrades include additional outfit if desired
  • Select Your Own Keepers: $10 per image, Purchase full gallery for $300




What are your priorities during a standard family session?

· The "GIVE IT TO GRANDMA" Shot: Full family smiling (or at least looking!) at the camera

· STANDARD SHOTS: Family (multiple posts), siblings, individual kids, parents, each parent with kids

· EYES: Seek great light to get a real look at bright, beautiful eyes

· FUN: Let's have fun together!

Do you have a studio?

I do have a studio set up for those off weather days. The setup is an all white backdrop set up in my living room on the Southside of La Crosse. This space works great for capturing really crisp, clean, subject focused images, but it does somewhat limit our movement options, so if you prefer more of the walking/moving type images, waiting for an outdoor session may better suit your needs.

What is the hardest age to photograph?

· 2-5 MONTHS: out of the sleepy newborn phase, need to be nearby to get smiles, can't hold self up

· NON-VERBAL BUT MOBILE TODDLER: usually 16 months to around 2.5 years, want to be active, not super interested in prompts

· MOODY TEENAGER: teens who are too cool to love on / interract with their families

How do you describe your style?

· Vibrant
· Contrasty
· True to life color
· Focus on getting the smiling portrait
· Make sessions fun and engaging